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Android dialog with auto generated pickers inside

Android dialog with auto generated pickers inside


Customizable dialog with auto generated pickers inside that depend on the dataset count.

Android dialog with auto generated pickers inside, which depends on count of datasets provided.



Download via Gradle:

compile 'com.github.stfalcon:universalpickerdialog:0.1.0'

or Maven:



Implement callback interface:

public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity
        implements View.OnClickListener, UniversalPickerDialog.OnPickListener {

Then implement OnPickListener.onPick(int[], int) method:

public void onPick(int[] selectedValues, int key) {
    String str = list.get(selectedValues[0]);
    Object obj = array[selectedValues[0]];

    /*do some logic*/

Now you can build the dialog and show it. Just add these few lines:

new UniversalPickerDialog.Builder(this)
                        new UniversalPickerDialog.Input(0, list),
                        new UniversalPickerDialog.Input(2, array)

Data set is passing to Picker using Input class that supports lists as well as arrays, so no data conversion is required :)).
It takes in constructor default item position in carousel as the first argument and data set as the second.

Builder was extended by a many methods for more flexibility and convenience of use.
Here's the full list (you can find the javadoc on each of these methods):

new UniversalPickerDialog.Builder(this)
                        new UniversalPickerDialog.Input(2, list),
                        new UniversalPickerDialog.Input(0, array)