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“Elevate your app’s dialogs with ‘FancyJetpackComposeDialogs‘ using Jetpack Compose magic! ✨?”


Introducing “FancyJetpackComposeDialogs“! ? Elevate your app with captivating dialogs using Jetpack Compose. With ComposeDialogs, displaying dialogs in your app becomes a breeze. whether it’s success messages, errors, information, or warnings, this library offers a range of dialog types with unique designs. ?

✨. Experience both the classic dialog style and an innovative upper-cut design, all while enjoying the simplicity and elegance of Jetpack Compose. Try it now to enhance your user experience! ?? #FancyJetpackComposeDialogs

Made with love ❤️ by Pratik Fagadiya

Types Of Dialog

1. Success Dialog 2. Fancy Success Dialog 3. Error Dialog
4. Fancy Error Dialog 5. Warning Dialog 6. Fancy Warning Dialog
7. Information Dialog 8. Information Action Dialog


Implementation of FancyJetpackComposeDialogs library is so easy. You can check /app directory for demo. Let’s have look on basic steps of implementation.


Add JitPack repository to your project’s settings.gradle file.

dependencyResolutionManagement {  
 // ...  
 repositories {
    // ...
    maven { url "" }

Declare the dependencies in the module-level build.gradle file ?

 dependencies { implementation 'com.github.PratikFagadiya:FancyJetpackComposeDialog:<LATEST_VERSION>' }

How to use it ?

Fancy dialogs come in four types: Success, Error, Warning, and Informative. Each type is designed to communicate a specific message to the user in a visually appealing way.

Fancy dialogs provide an easy and customizable way to show different types of messages to users in a visually appealing manner. Let’s have a look in SuccessFancyDialog.


SuccessFancyDialog displays a success message with customizable options.

Usage Example

fun showSuccessDialog() {
    var showNormalSuccessDialog by remember { mutableStateOf(false) }

    if (showNormalSuccessDialog) {
        SuccessFancyDialog(title = "Normal Success Dialog",
            message = "Normal dialog with 2 button and with custom font",
            dialogProperties = DialogButtonProperties(
                positiveButtonText = R.string.yes
            fontFamily = Poppins,
            dismissTouchOutside = {
                showNormalSuccessDialog = false
            positiveButtonClick = {
                showNormalSuccessDialog = false
                    context, context.getString(R.string.positive_button_clicked), Toast.LENGTH_SHORT
            negativeButtonClick = {
                showNormalSuccessDialog = false
                    context, context.getString(R.string.negative_button_clicked), Toast.LENGTH_SHORT


  • showTitle: Boolean (default: true)
  • title: String (default: “”)
  • showMessage: Boolean (default: true)
  • message: String (default: “”)
  • dialogStyle: DialogStyle (default: DialogStyle.NORMAL)
  • dialogActionType: DialogActionType (default: DialogActionType.ACTIONABLE)
  • dialogProperties: DialogButtonProperties (default: DialogButtonProperties())
  • fontFamily: FontFamily (default: FontFamily.Default)
  • isCancelable: Boolean (default: true)
  • dismissTouchOutside: () -> Unit
  • positiveButtonClick: () -> Unit (default: {})
  • negativeButtonClick: () -> Unit (default: {})
  • neutralButtonClick: () -> Unit (default: {})

The same parameters will work on any types of dialogs

You can check MainActivity file for multiple types of dialog implementation.


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