Covert is an Android Library for easily implementing Material Swipe Actions in a RecyclerView. The design of the animations was based heavily around the Swipe Action Gestures demonstrated in the Material Interaction guidelines.



implementation ''


A setup of Covert matching the demo takes three steps

  1. Set up your configuration - this is what tells Covert what to draw
val covertConfig = Covert.Config(
        iconRes = R.drawable.ic_star_border_black_24dp, // The icon to show
        iconDefaultColorRes =,            // The color of the icon
        actionColorRes = R.color.colorPrimary           // The color of the background
  1. Build Covert by defining your listeners and attaching to your RecyclerView
val covert = Covert.with(covertConfig)
                .setIsActiveCallback {
                    // This is a callback to check if the item is active, i.e checked
                .doOnSwipe { viewHolder, _ ->
                    // This callback is fired when a ViewHolder is swiped
  1. Pass Covert to your adapter to apply your corner flags
override fun onBindViewHolder(viewHolder: RecyclerView.ViewHolder, index: Int) {


Covert notifies the RecyclerView that the current ViewHolder has changed for each frame it draws. If the layout your using is complicated, this can sometimes drop frames and cause weird behaviour. To work around this, Covert triggers invalidations using a payload, which you can look for to skip a full rebind of your ViewHolder:

override fun onBindViewHolder(holder: RecyclerView.ViewHolder, position: Int, payloads: List<Any>) {
    // The following is an optimisation for Covert, allowing us to skip re-binding of ViewHolders if only drawing the child
    if (payloads.size == 1 && payloads.contains(Covert.SKIP_FULL_BIND_PAYLOAD)) return

Advanced Setup

Covert tries to make set up as easy as possible. It does however support more advanced setup:

        // Define the icon to show in an active state, with start and end colors 
        activeIcon = Icon(
            iconRes = R.drawable.ic_active,
            startColorRes = R.color.start,
            endColorRes = R.color.end),

        // Define the icon to show in an inactive state, with start and end colors 
        inactiveIcon = Icon(
            iconRes = R.drawable.ic_inactive,
            startColorRes = R.color.end,
            endColorRes = R.color.start),
        // Define the backdrop color of the active background
        activeBackdropColorRes =,

        // Define the backdrop color of the inactive background
        inactiveBackdropColorRes =,

        // Toggle on and off haptic feedback (available in simple constructor)
        isHapticFeedbackEnabled = (true | false),

        // Choose your cornerflag (available in simple constructor)
        cornerFlag: CornerFlag = (CornerFlag.Round | CornerFlag.Triangular | CornerFlag.Custom(R.dimen.size, R.drawable.flag) | CornerFlag.Disabled)