Welcome to Burgers Joint!

What is it? Everyone creates a bookstore as an example of given technology, so I decided to make a service that accepts daily orders from a burgers place that can be used inside an office.

It’s basically a simple REST micro-service example based on Java 17 and kotlin technology stack. The code base aims to mostly use functional approach. In future I might add a presentation layer using React.

Following technologies used:

How it works?

  • Service exposes REST API:
    • Accepts burger orders
    • Returns current menu
    • Returns list of current orders
    • Allows to change order state (payment status)
  • The burger orders are accepted each day between 7 am and 11 am
  • The menu is read from external service each day as a first request for the menu occurres – then it is cached in redis with expiration date
  • There is no authentication layer, each user can update other users order payment status
  • At the end of the orders time window the message notification is sent on rabbitmq with full orders list


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