Jetpack Compose Navigation and Material3 Starter Template

This project is designed to help you get started with a simple Modern Android Development (MAD) project.

It is purpose designed to be very simple, as a way to get started, so you can add your own customizations.

Template Contents

Project includes:

  • 100% Kotlin
  • Material3 Implementation:
    • Typography
    • Color
    • Dimensions
    • Shape
  • Jetpack Compose Navigation
    • Deep linking
  • Jetpack Compose screens
    • LazyList
    • Input/Button
    • BottomSheet
  • Material Icons
  • Compose Tests
    • Simple starting test, not full coverage
  • Project configuration
    • Static analysis
    • Android Studio Integrations

It does not include:

  • Architecture guidance
    • No Use-cases, etc
  • Additional frameworks
    • No dependency injection



The Color.kt file is formatted so you can copy/paste a color definition directly from the Material Theme Builder

It also includes color definitions for all the original M2 colors.

Static Analysis

I included static analysis tooling in the build for this project. These tools help maintain consistency and are worth including in all projects.

To run static analysis on this project, execute:

./gradlew lint ktlintcheck detekt

This repo has configuration to automatically setup a pre-commit hook requiring the developer to pass static analysis before being able to commit PRs.

Remote Image Caching (Coil)

I’m using the Coil image caching library to make the demo a bit nicer.

Android Studio Configuration

There are a few Android Studio integrations in the project worth calling out:

Continuous Integration(CI) – Using Github Actions

The initial configuration is included for building on Github Actions. The build compiles the APKs, if static analysis completes without issue.

To disable CI – delete the configuration file.

Build status is: Jetpack Template Build


How to Use

Creating a Repository From A Template

Near Future Plans

  • More Compose Tests – just enough to get started in different areas of testing.
  • Repository


Special thanks for the great input from:

Comments Welcome

Please contact me if you have any comments or suggestions. Twitter: mikewolfson


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