A starter project to build command-line tools in Kotlin Multiplatform

Contains a re-implementation of a real world CLI tool: git-standup



You can install using one of the options listed below

Source Command
Node npm install -g kotlin-cli-starter
Installer curl -L https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jmfayard/kotlin-cli-starter/main/installer.sh | sudo sh
Tests ./gradlew allTests
Kotlin All Platforms Run ./gradlew allRun
Kotlin JVM Run ./gradlew run
Kotlin Native Run ./gradlew install then $ git standup
Kotlin Node.JS Run ./gradlew jsNodeRun


Being able to write your own command-line tools is a great skill to have. Automate all the things!

You can write the CLI tools in Kotlin and reap the benefits of using

  • a modern programming language
  • modern IDE support
  • modern practices such as unit testing and continuous integration
  • leverage Kotlin multiplatform libraries
  • run your code on the JVM and benefit from a wealth of Java libraries
  • or build a native executable, which starts very fast and can be deployed on a computer without the JVM

My strong opinion – weakly held – is that there are only two good kind of Bash scripts:

  • the ones that are five lines long or less
  • the ones that are written and maintained by others

Work in progress

We want to support Windows, publish on Homebrew and simplify support of shell completion.

Look at the issues https://github.com/jmfayard/kotlin-cli-starter/issues

What the template contains

The template


The template reimplements git-standup

The template reimplements git-standup so that you can learn and find inspiration from a real world example.

Simply run it in and it will give you the output from the last working day

Open a directory having multiple repositories and run

$ ./gradlew install
$ git standup

git standup

This will show you all your commits since the last working day in all the repositories inside.

There is auto-completion to see the options


git standup --help
Usage: git-standup [OPTIONS]

  Recall what you did on the last working day ..or be nosy and find what
  someone else did.

  --generate-completion [bash|zsh|fish]
  -a, --author TEXT                Specify author to restrict search to
  -b, --branch TEXT                Specify branch to restrict search to
                                   (unset: all branches, "$remote/$branch" to
                                   include fetches)
  [... and much more options....]

Examples: git-standup -a "John Doe" -w "MON-FRI" -m 3


So are you ready to write your own command-line tool?

Have you an idea of what you want to write yet?

You can find some inspiration in 15 Command Line Tools which Spark Joy in Your Terminal

Then click on Use this GitHub template

There are comments starting with CUSTOMIZE_ME in all places you need to customize

Find them with Edit > File > Find in Files

Built with kotlin-cli-starter

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