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Sample Code for Android Development


  • Clone this repository on your local machine.
  • Open the project in Android Studio.
  • Build the project and run it on your emulator/device.

What you will find ?

  • Coroutine Walkthrough
  • Kotlin Flow Sample
  • Hilt Dependency Injection Setup & Usage
  • Koin Dependency Injection Sample
  • Jetpack Compose Sample
  • Navigation Sample
  • Accompanist Pager Sample (with Jetpack Compose)
  • Retrofit Sample
  • Threadpools Walkthrough
  • Circle CI config sample

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If you like this idea and would like to extend it to something newer and bigger, you can do it by opening pull requests. For more details on how to add new features and how to correctly explain your idea, please reach out to [email protected] and get in touch.


To be established. Open source for now, feel free to use this repo as you want.


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