Kotlin Explorer

Kotlin Explorer is a desktop tool to quickly and easily disassemble Kotlin code into:

  • Java bytecode
  • Android DEX bytecode
  • Android OAT assembly

After launching Kotlin Explorer, type valid Kotlin code in the left pane, then click File > Decompile or use Cmd-Shift-D on macOS, Ctrl-Shift-D on Linux and Windows.

The middle pane will show the Java bytecode generated from the source Kotlin code.

The right pane will show, at the top, the Android DEX bytecode, and at the bottom, the native assembly resulting from ahead of time compilation (AOT).


Running Kotlin Explorer

Kotlin Explorer currently relies on 2 environment variables described below.

Kotlin explorer also requires java and javap to be in your $PATH. To display Android DEX bytecode and OAT assembly, you also need adb in your $PATH.

Important DEX bytecode and OAT assembly will only be displayed if you have an Android device connected that can be successfully reached via adb.


Must point at your Android SDK installation (the folder containing build-tools/, platform-tools/, etc.)


Must point at a Kotlin installation (the folder containing bin/kotlinc and lib/kotlin-stdlib.jar).

On macOS, an easy way to install Kotlin is to use Homebrew (brew install kotlin) and to set $KOTLIN_HOME to /opt/homebrew/Cellar/kotlin/1.9.0/libexec (change the version number appropriately).

Future updates will allow to select those directories from the UI.


Please see LICENSE.


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