I heard you like Pocket Operators, so I made Pocket Scale Calculator for your Pocket Operator (v.0.7).

This console app is a helper tool for calculating scales for Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator PO-33/PO-133 & PO-35/PO-137* series. It was inspired by https://punkyv4n.me/po-33-scale-app, but I wanted to make an ancient-looking desktop console version with pocket operator vibes, so here we are.

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Currently supported scales are:

  • Minor (Natural, Harmonic & Pentatonic)
  • Major (Natural, Harmonic & Pentatonic)
  • Blues
  • Dorian
  • Lydian

Dependencies: Prior to run this application you need to install java to your computer.

Executable jar (pocket-scale-calculator-0.6.jar) is already compiled and could be found at the root of the project. However, if you need to compile a new jar please build the project and run ./gradlew jar command. New jar will be saved to the build/libs directory.

To run application please run java -jar %pocket-scale-calc.jar file location% from your terminal (for example: java -jar /Users/bilbo_bogdans/Git/pocket-scale-calculator/build/libs/pocket-scale-calculator-0.6.jar). MacOS users also might set their terminal profile to have a shortcut for the app (please check ‘pocket-scale-calculator example.terminal’ file at the root of the project) with specific window resolution & settings set. To use shared profile you need to fix jar file location for the CommandString key, first.

Also, you can use additional arguments for starting the app with specific options:

  1. root key note (default is A)
  2. scale (default is Minor)
  3. snap off hanger(y/n) (default is n)
  4. PO model UI(33/35) (default is 33)

For example, starting the app with ‘f majp y 35’ arguments will start app with F Major Pentatonic setting, missing hanger option and PO-35 model UI. Please make sure you separate arguments with space button.

Have fun with your POs and never miss the right scale:-)

*PO-33/PO-137 scaling functionality is yet limited to Minor scale set on the device itself.

v.0.7 changelist:

  • added args tests
  • fixed minor arg-related defects


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