QuickCalc – Simple calculator app for WearOS

I got a Pixel Watch 2 and was surprised to find that there was no calculator app. So I made a quick and simple one that does the job. I know you could just use Google Assistant, but I wanted something that I could use without having to speak to my watch in public lol.

I designed it specifically for the Pixel Watch 2 (which is round), so it might not look great on other watches.

I based it on the stock Pixel calculator, and styled it to match my Material You colour scheme. Feel free to fork and change the colours to match your own theme.


  • Horiztonal scrollable display
  • Backspace button
  • Stock appearance


main interface scrolled left with long expression scrolled right with long expression


  1. Download the latest release from the releases page
  2. Activate Developer Mode on your watch (click on the build number 7 times)
  3. Enable Wireless Debugging in Developer Options
  4. Use ADB on your computer to Pair and Connect to your watch via Wireless Debugging. Official instructions on that here
  5. Once connected, type adb install <path to QuickCalc.apk>

Known issues

  • Most cases are covered but there are probably some edge cases that I haven’t thought of. ex.: it will let you type operators after a - which shouldn’t be allowed.
  • It is a tiny bit slow when typing numbers, but I think that’s just because of the way I’m handling the input. If I find a better way to do it I’ll update the app.

To do

  • put on Google Play Store


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