This Library helps users to use Bottom Navigation Bar (A new pattern from google) with ease and allows ton of customizations.


What is this component about?

This component that mimics the newMaterial Design Bottom Navigation pattern.

(currently under active development, expect to see new releases almost daily)


  • This library offers ton of customisations that you can do to Bottom Navigation Bar.
  • Follows google bottom navigation bar guidelines
  • Choose your background style and tab mode.
  • each tab has it's own colors
  • supports badges with complete customization


Based on your IDE you can import library in one of the following ways

Download the latest JAR or grab via Maven:


or Gradle:

compile ''

or Ivy:

<dependency org='' name='bottom-navigation-bar' rev='2.0.4'>
  <artifact name='$AID' ext='pom'/>

Migration from V1 to V2

  1. BadgeItem has been changed to TextBadgeItem
  2. New ShapeBadgeItem implementation changed. check this page for new api usage
  3. hideText replaced with new modes. To use those mode should be set to MODE_FIXED_NO_TITLE / MODE_SHIFTING_NO_TITLE