Gradle Version Catalog Migrator

Experience seamless Gradle Version Catalog migration across all types of desktop powered by Compose for Desktop! Effortlessly manage and update your Gradle dependencies with a single, unified solution designed for compatibility and efficiency across major desktop platforms.

Working ?


  • Just copy-paste your dependencies & plugins
  • libs.versions.toml file will be generated inside the output folder
  • Paste the generated dependencies & plugins to their respected files
  • Add @Suppress("DSL_SCOPE_VIOLATION") to the top of module & root level build.gradle.kts, and true to the end of the root level build.gradle.kts

Preview ?

Preview 1 Preview 2
Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2

How to Build and Run the App ?️

  • Clone this repository to your local machine
  • Open the project in your preferred Kotlin Multiplatform IDE (e.g. IntelliJ IDEA)
  • Build the project and then run it

Contributing ?

Join us in shaping the future of this project – your contributions are invaluable!

  • Fork the repository and create a new branch for your feature or bug fix
  • Make your changes and ensure that the code follows the project’s coding standards
  • Write tests to cover your changes and ensure that existing tests pass
  • Submit a pull request, explaining the changes and the problem it addresses
  • A project maintainer will review your pull request, and upon approval, it will be merged into the main branch

License ?

Distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE file for more information.

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