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Android Mobile and Wear OS Smartwatch App using the Unofficial Tesla API

Android Mobile and Wear OS Smartwatch App using the Unofficial Tesla API


A personal project for controlling your Tesla vehicle(s) through your Android phone and/or Wear OS smartwatch using the unofficial Tesla API.

This is by no means perfect or optimized, most code was taken from various StackOverflow threads to get to a working state.


The Mobile and Wear OS apps/code are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either express or implied. Use at your own risk.


Login and Car selection

Login with your Tesla credentials or with an Access token. Optionally include your Refresh token to stay logged in past the Access token expiration.

Phone login:


Wear OS login:


Tesla username/password is not saved. Only the Access and Refresh tokens are stored.

View vehicle status in app

View Vehicle name, Battery charge/range remaining, Indoor/Outdoor temperature, Charging status and time of last data update.
The app also dynamically displays car alerts in the app when the data refreshes.


Icons show when these conditions are met:

Vehicle is unlocked
Door(s) is/are open
Frunk is open
Trunk is open
Windows(s) is/are open
Software Update is available
Sentry Mode is on
Climate controls are active

Notifications are not supported at this time

Vehicle controls

Control options:

Turn on/off climate
Open frunk/trunk*
Vent/Close windows
Turn on/off sentry mode
Start/Stop charging
Open/Close charge port
Set charge limit (50-100%)
Activate Homelink*

*note: App will display a confirmation message before executing these commands.

Mobile demo



Wear OS demo

Wear OS controls give you a 2.5 second confirmation delay before executing the command.



TODO Features


Add Widgets
Add Shortcuts
Implement permanent notification


Implement Complications
Implement Tile
Implement sync access/refresh token from phone
Add direct commands from app list, like Google fit
Implement Settings:
	Custom confirmation time delay 


Move from static views to List/Adapters
Set climate for driver/passenger
Show current climate setting 
Include STANDARD/MAX in set charge limit dialog
Reset car data when selecting a new car

Gate commands by vehicle config:
	Trunk Open/Close, if vehicle_config.plg==true
	Start/Stop charge, if charge_state.charging_state!=Disconnected
	Open/Close charge port, if vehicle_config.motorized_charge_port==true
	Open/Close sunroof, if vehicle_config.sun_roof_installed!=null

Known bugs