An Android RecyclerView Swipe Helper for handling multiple actions per direction. The helper allows you to have 4 items in total:

  • Short left swipe
  • Long left swipe
  • Short right swipe
  • Long right swipe



The setup is fairly straightforward and requires little code. To begin with, you need to create a list of SwipeAction instances - these all provide information around the details for the display of the action (label, icon, color etc)

val swipeActions = listOf<SwipeAction>()

Next you need to create an instance of the SwipeToPerformActionCallback class, this handles the magic around the display of the current action, as well as passing back which action should be performed when an item is swiped.

val swipeHandler = SwipeToPerformActionCallback(swipeListener, some_margin_value, it)

Finally, create an instance of the SwipePositionItemTouchHelper class and attach it to your recycler view: