Stocks Widget

A resizable widget that shows your financial portfolio on your android home screen, written in Kotlin.


This app is to demonstrate usage of kotlin on android using Dagger2 and RxJava2.

This app also shows how to write android unit tests using mockito and robolectric using kotlin.

App features:

  • A homescreen widget that shows your stock portolio in a resizable grid.
  • This app fetches stock quotes from this API:
  • Stocks can be sorted by dragging and dropping the list.
  • Only performs automatic fetching of stocks during trading hours and weekdays.

Importing and exporting

  • You can import a list of tickers by selecting import tickers from the settings menu. All you need is a textfile with your tickers in comma-separated format.
  • You can also export your tickers to a file by selecting export tickers.