A tool for sending deeplink Intent to an Android app for development



This is a GUI tools to send the command below

$ adb shell am start -a android.intent.action.VIEW -d "your-link" com.myapp

macOS screenshot

Windows screenshot

Pop!_OS (22.04) screenshot

How to launch the app on macOS?

This window might popup when you trying to launch the jar program.

This is because macOS need the certificate which signed by a Apple Developer Program enrolled developer. However, I’m not join the program.

You can right click the app icon, and select open.

A popup will shown and ask you: are you sure you want to open it? Please select the Open button to open the program.

or you can build yourself. When launching the app, macOS won’t ask you like above because it is you signed your own build.

macOS Intel Chip

For Mac machines in Intel chip, you might need to build yourself. I don’t have any Intel mac currently.



Please pull this project into your computer, you also need

  • Gradle
  • Java 17

installed on your machine.

Use this command to package a jar executable:

$ ./gradlew packageReleaseUberJarForCurrentOS

You can find the jar file at: <projectDirectory>\build\compose\jars\



You can also build Dmg installer file yourself. The command below will generate DMG install file and the app file for you.

$  ./gradlew packageReleaseDmg 

You can find the dmg file and app file at: <projectDirectory>\build\binaries\main-release\


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