A sensible and customizable music player for android.

Auxio is a local music player designed to be simple, straightfoward, and customizable. It has a fast, reliable UI/UX, and it is not bloated with useless features. In short, It plays music. Auxio is still configurable however, with both the UI and behavior able to be changed to ones liking.

Unlike other music players, Auxio is based off of ExoPlayer, allowing for much better listening experience compared to the native MediaPlayer API. Auxio's codebase is also designed to be extendable, allowing for the addition of features that are not included in the main app.


  • ExoPlayer based playback
  • Customizable UI & Behavior
  • Genres/Artists/Albums/Songs support
  • Extensive queue system
  • Full playback persistence system
  • Edge-to-edge (Oreo+ Only)
  • Embedded covers support
  • Search Functionality
  • Audio Focus / Headset Management
  • No internet connectivity whatsoever
  • Kotlin from the ground-up
  • Modular, feature-based architecture
  • No rounded corners

To Come in the future:

  • Translations
  • Artist Images
  • Artist Songs
  • Black theme
  • Custom accents
  • Playlists
  • Liked songs
  • More notification actions
  • Swipe-between-tracks function (Maybe)
  • Better edge-to-edge support
  • More customization options
  • Other things, presumably