Git Installation

  • Please follow this link for GIT installation

IDE Installation & Build Guide


  • Android Studio Arctic Fox | 2020.3.1 or later (Stable Version)
  • Click here to download and install Android Studio
  • Android SDKs 21(Lollipop) or later
    • For downloading Android SDKs, open Android Studio
    • While on the Welcome page, go to SDK Manager
    • For Android Studio Arctic Fox | 2020.3.1 or onward, click on three dots Screenshot 2021-09-21 at 12 35 14 PM from the top right corner and select SDK Manager
    • In case the Welcome page doesn’t open, go to file menu Tools -> SDK Manager
    • Click all checkboxes from API Level 21 and onward
    • Click Apply and download relevant packages

Code setup:

  • Open Android Studio
  • Click on Get from Version Control or in case the welcome page doesn’t open, go to File Menu->New and select Project From Version Control
  • Select Repository URL from left menu
  • Select Git from Version control dropdown menu
  • Paste this URL https://github.com/vdotok/Android-CombineApp in URL section
  • Click on Clone button and wait for build.gradle file. You can see the progress at the bottom of Android Studio
  • Let the Android Studio install the components

Bravo! You’ve successfully configured the project in Android Studio.

Download Call Lib:

Configure Lib:

  • In Android Studio File Explorer, select Project


  • Go to VdoTok -> App -> libs
  • Add the downloaded streamingSDK.aar and connect.aar files in the libs folder

Screenshot 2022-03-15 at 4 45 22 PM

  • After this, click on gradle sync icon from the toolbar Screenshot 2021-12-02 at 4 43 51 PM to sync project.
  • Project Signup:

    • Register “Server” at VdoTok and get the Project ID and API Service URL
    • From file explorer, double-click on vdotok -> app -> src -> main -> java -> com -> vdotok -> app -> utils -> ApplicationConstants replace SDK_PROJECT_ID with your own Project Id
    • From file explorer, double-click on vdotok -> Network -> src -> main -> java -> com -> vdotok -> network -> utils -> Constants replace BASE_URL with your own API Service URL

    Device Setting:

    • To connect a device, enable “developer mode” and “USB debugging” by following the device-specific steps provided here.

    Build Project:

    • Connect your phone with system in a File-sharing Mode
    • You can find your phone name in running devices list, as described in the below image
    • Select your device and click on Play buttonScreenshot 2021-09-21 at 1 19 15 PM
    • After running some automated commands and building gradle, your app will be installed on your connected device Screenshot 2021-06-29 at 6 59 36 PM


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