Productivity Note App utilizing Jetpack Compose

Working with another developer to build mocks to rebuild the design for Daily Doc! Current design only showcases current app functionality

First project – Feedback welcomed!

Daily Doc is a productivity app to help you keep track of your daily progress inspired by 100-day-challenges.

Direct Download: Daily Doc

Server connects to my Ktor server & MongoDb, so will not function properly if you do not set it up.

Install the Ktor server at Ktor Daily Doc Server

Google Login is currently disabled. Also, since the server only works locally, I have not added encryption.

Discussion open – feel free to communicate through it as well if you’re interested in a feature you would like for me to implement!

Login DailyDoc Note DailyDoc

Currently working on implementing:

  • New UI/UX Design for entire app!

Upcoming features:

  • Friends list
  • Cloud server instead of running on localhost

MADSCORE: https://madscorecard.withgoogle.com/scorecard/share/416599438/

Other ways to contact me: