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Just an app with lame dad jokes content to fill up your day.


This MVP version features:

  • Feed walks you through the latest dad jokes,
  • Browse back seen jokes & share your favorite ones,
  • Notification to remind you up with latest available jokes,
  • Light/ Dark theme based on preference.





  • LiveListAdapter
    ListAdapter w/ every visible cell (ViewHolder) is reactive. Cell acts like observer of data they hold, so it will auto-refresh if their related data is updated.
  • RenderExecutor Processor
    Processor for RenderWith annotation. Diff-state engine generator for rendering view component.


  • Apollo GraphQL – Client for requesting GraphQL API, Multiplatform.


  • Espresso – Android UI tests.
  • Hilt Testing – For swapping production dependencies with test doubles.
  • Truth – Assertion framework in tests by Google.


  • Firebase Crashlytics – Collecting crash report for production environment.
  • LeakCanary (Debug) – Memory leak detector.
  • StrictMode (Debug) – Tool for checking if any should-be-background operation is done on main thread.

MAD Scorecard


Dads is ready to support multiplatform with the Clean Architecture concept for project structure (datadomainpresentation).

JVM, JS, or Native, He is just waiting your implementation of presentation part!


Dads adopts MVVM with Unidirectional flow (UDF) pattern.

Moreover, view components are rendered based on their related changed states only performed by diff-state engine, so the render operation is done more efficiently.

Design Principles

Testing Principles

  • Black-box/ behavior-driven testing with UI as the sole SUT (very recommended read and talk).
  • No mocking framework! Only fake type as test double, if required.

GraphQL Engine

Jokes are requested from proprietary GraphQL service, the Dads-Engine. Check it out ?

How to run

  • Since this project employs GraphQL stack, you need to download the schema first:
    • Go to hosted GraphQL Playground,
    • Open tab SCHEMA at the right side. DOWNLOAD it,
    • Put the schema.json in directory: data/remote/src/commonMain/graphql/com/bael/dads/data/remote/,
    • Or you can run this command as alternative.

      ./gradlew downloadApolloSchema --endpoint="" --schema="data/remote/src/commonMain/graphql/com/bael/dads/data/remote/schema.json"
  • Set JWT key in file (located in project root folder):

  • Have fun!


After went through How to run section but you still get a “Service issue” state, hit TRY AGAIN? a couple of times until success. That’s because I host data to the server with basic free plan – potato spec, well, it’s just for research purpose anyway ?.


Let’s get in touch if you’re interested in contributing. Explain what’s the issue, submit your PR via Fork.
Also feel free to request features, or any kind of your support (join stargazers️ | treat me coffee ?).

Those wonder what’s next, check out my planned Roadmap by GitHub project board.


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