No Internet Dialog

A beautiful Dialog which appears when you have lost your Internet connection.



Add following line of code to your module(app) level gradle file

    implementation 'am.appwise.components:NoInternetDialog:1.1.3'




Use simple builder to initiate the dialog. It will automatically appear if you'll lose your Internet connection, and dissapear, once it came back

  NoInternetDialog noInternetDialog = new NoInternetDialog.Builder(context).build();


  NoInternetDialog noInternetDialog = new NoInternetDialog.Builder(fragment).build();

and at the end

    protected void onDestroy() {

Customize the dialog with ease

  builder.setBgGradientStart() // Start color for background gradient
  builder.setBgGradientCenter() // Center color for background gradient
  builder.setBgGradientEnd() // End color for background gradient
  builder.setBgGradientOrientation() // Background gradient orientation (possible values see below)
  builder.setBgGradientType() // Type of background gradient (possible values see below)
  builder.setDialogRadius() // Set custom radius for background gradient
  builder.setTitleTypeface() // Set custom typeface for title text
  builder.setMessageTypeface() // Set custom typeface for message text
  builder.setButtonColor() // Set custom color for dialog buttons
  builder.setButtonTextColor() // Set custom text color for dialog buttons
  builder.setButtonIconsColor() // Set custom color for icons of dialog buttons
  builder.setWifiLoaderColor() // Set custom color for wifi loader
  builder.setConnectionCallback() // Set a Callback for network status
  builder.setCancelable(false) // Set cancelable status for dialog
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