Tool for cleaning up Android devices. Designed for restoring state of devices used for QA on Device Farmer. By default STF uninstalls apps installed during session only on clean end of usage.

Performed actions

  • unneeded apps uninstallation, except those listed in file pointed by EXCLUDED_PACKAGES_LIST_PATH environment variable
  • external storage (/sdcard/) wiping
  • temporary directory (/data/local/tmp) wiping
  • force stopping all apps

Project components


Contains all the logic, can be used without Device Farmer.


Interface to Device Farmer / Open STF Connect step on Bitrise.

Required environment variables

  • ANDROID_HOME - should point to Android SDK root dir containing valid platform-tools, provided by Android stack on Bitrise
  • STF_DEVICE_SERIAL_LIST - should contain devices serial numbers as a JSON array, provided by Open STF Connect step
  • EXCLUDED_PACKAGES_LIST_PATH - should be a path to file with packages excluded from uninstallation (one per line)


./gradlew run