About SyncPlay BETA:

The unofficial Syncplay client for Android. Works with the Desktop version of Syncplay !
It supports the chat functionality, and most video formats !
It’s still a work in progress and it’s really early in the alpha phase. There are various stuff that are still missing but exist in the official release. I am working on it slowly.


This is the fully-functioning unofficial kotlin-written Android client for the amazing software Syncplay that synchronizes playback on different devices and makes sure everyone is watching the same thing at the same second, even if they’re miles away.
You can find the official client (for Windows, Linux and macOS) here: https://syncplay.pl/
Big thanks to the creators for making the software open-source and maintaining a variety of servers in order to let the people have fun.

How it works

The official client does a very good job bringing support for multiple players on PC (VLC, MPC…etc). However on Android, we need that has an integrated player, that’s why I went for Google’s amazing video player called ExoPlayer, it offers amazing functionality and flexibility and therefore allowed to create this flawless client for Android.

What you need to build this project into an APK:

Just import the project to Android Studio Bumble Bee, and deploy an APK. Note that the TLS functionality won’t work if you don’t deploy a signed APK.

Suggestions/Bugs :

Please let me know if there is anything going slightly wrong with the APK. As far as I am concerned, it works like a charm on my end.


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