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Rest documentation plugin for Kotlin Ktor


This plugin only support for Kotlin Ktor 2.0.0-beta or later.

Live demo

Live of sample module can be found here https://hanadoc.herokuapp.com/doc



maven { url = uri("https://www.jitpack.io") }




Install plugin

On your io.ktor.server.application.Application class, install Hana plugin, example:

install(HanaDocs) {
    title = "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet"
    author = "Muhammad utsman"
    path = "/anudocs" // default is '/docs'
    github = "https://github.com/utsmannn"

    // if needed
    postman = "https://app.getpostman.com/run-collection/12345qwert"

    // markdown support
    description = """
        ## Rest Documentation

        Consectetur adipiscing elit. Nulla ut sem non neque tincidunt placerat tincidunt in justo. Maecenas ultricies condimentum porttitor.

        <p align="center">
          <img src="https://i.ibb.co/YdvBMMG/hiya.gif"/>

        - Ut augue justo
        - dignissim id lectus non
        - imperdiet imperdiet sem


Setup routing documentation

Config class

All config on the EndPoint, Parameter and DocFieldDescription class

Endpoint (me.hana.docs.endpoint.EndPoint)

param type desc
description String explain endpoint description
pathParameter(String, KClass, Parameter) Extensions add path parameter (title, kotlin class, invoke parameter)
queryParameter(String, KClass, Parameter) Extensions add query parameter (title, kotlin class, invoke parameter)
headerParameter(String, KClass, Parameter) Extensions add header parameter (title, kotlin class, invoke parameter)
multipartParameter(String, KClass, Parameter) Extensions add multipart parameter (title, kotlin class, invoke parameter)
bodyParameter(KClass, Parameter) Extensions add body parameter (kotlin class, invoke parameter)

Parameter (me.hana.docs.data.Parameter)

param type desc
description String explain parameter description
sample Object add sample data, the data will be rendered as json
isRequired() Extensions make the parameter is required, red asterisk

Field Annotation (me.hana.docs.annotation.DocFieldDescription) The DocFieldDescription used by data object when you rendered in documentation

param type desc
description String explain field description
isRequired Boolean make the field is required, red asterisk

Route Extensions For the implemention of route, you must used hanaDocsParent and hanaDocs. They are method for generating EndPoint class config.

param type desc
hanaDocsParent Extensions setup the parent of route, this extensions used in route without method (etc. route("/blabla"))
hanaDocs Extensions setup the method of route, this extensions used in route with method (etc. get("/kursi")


Each route maybe need data class of render sample object like response, body, etc. Example of implementation:

route("/post") {
    // parent route description
    hanaDocsParent("Post", identifier = 2) {
        description = """
            Nulla fringilla, libero ut volutpat sollicitudin, arcu nibh consectetur quam, pulvinar efficitur nunc sem in magna. 
            Integer eleifend odio in dui dictum, vitae commodo sem tristique. 
            Donec pulvinar, odio ut condimentum convallis, leo orci iaculis nibh, a dictum dui lacus eu elit.

        headerParameter("Authorization", String::class) {
            description = """
                        In ac sollicitudin leo. Ut sem nunc, pretium sed blandit id, placerat sit amet velit. Nulla et dolor vel nisl laoreet euismod interdum quis nisl.

            sample = "qwertyuiop1234567asdfghjklzxcvbnm"

    // child route
    get {
    }.hanaDocs("Get Posts", parent = 2) {
        description = """
            Aliquam erat volutpat. Pellentesque ornare, augue at consectetur fringilla, tortor erat rutrum magna, a commodo nisl mauris a nisi

        pathParameter("page", Int::class) {
            description = "Cras elit sapien"
            sample = 2

        queryParameter("user_id", String::class) {
            description = "laoreet sed odio in"
            sample = "123"

                Post("1ae", "title1", "https://imageurl.com/image1.png"),
                Post("1sdf", "title2", "https://imageurl.com/image2.png"),
                Post("1sds", "title3", "https://imageurl.com/image2.png"),
                Post("1df", "title4", "https://imageurl.com/image2.png")

See on fully sample on sample module


  • Not supported for render List, use data nested list instead. Check
  • Not supported for render generic class
  • and other, please create issue

Copyright 2020 Muhammad Utsman

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at


Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.


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