Simple Paint Android Apps with Kotlin

About This Project

Simple paint consists of five actions, such as:

  1. Pencil, it is used for free hand drawing
  2. Line, it is used to draw line
  3. Rectangle, it is used to draw a rectangle
  4. Ellipse, it is used to draw a circle/ellipse
  5. Color pallet with five colors, inspired with google color

Download the apps here.

Screenshot Apps

Free Hand Drawing Draw a Line Draw a Rectangle Draw a Circle


Very open to anyone, I’ll write your name under this, please contribute by sending an email to me

  • Mail to [email protected]
  • Subject : Github _ [Github-Username-Account] _ [Language] _ [Repository-Name]
  • Example : Github_feronikanm_kotlin_simple-paint

Name of Contributor

  • Feronika Nur Maghfiro
  • Waiting List
  • Waiting List

Waiting for your contribution


Attention !!!

  • Please enjoy and don’t forget fork and give a star
  • Don’t Forget to Follow My Github Account

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