A Google GCM/Amazon SNS alternative using pull instead of push.


Main features

  • Independent user notifications (no Google GCM or Amazon SNS), just put a JSON file in the cloud
  • Framework will update available notifications automatically in defined time intervals (now, daily, bi-weekly, weekly, monthly)
  • Flexible parameters:
    • start date for notification (distribute early, show later)
    • amount of times the notification should be shown
    • interval between showing notifications (always, every day, every week, every month)
    • specify on which app version (versionCode) the notification should be shown
  • Show notifications as AlertDialog or Toast message (defined by the remote JSON file)
    • AlertDialog: Specify button captions and actions: Open Store-Action, Open URL-Action, Exit App-Action, all defined by a JSON file on your server
  • perfect to inform your users about discounts on one of your other apps or premium version
  • pro tip: as some users don't always update to the latest app versions you should integrate this framework in an early phase if you plan to use it at a later time.





compile 'com.github.kaiwinter:android-remote-notifications:1.1.0'


Live Demo