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Tech Stack

Macadamia Nut has been written using Kotlin ver 1.6.0, and uses Spring Boot as framework.

  • For DataBase SQL migrations it uses FlyWay
  • For the data layer, Macadamia Nut does not use any type or RDBMS. Instead, it uses SQL directly with a thin layer on top through jOOQ. jOOQ provides type safety to the SQL queries without losing control of the queries against the database.
  • Server requires a Postgres or Postgres SQL Dialect compatible database.
  • User session and authentication is done using JWT Tokens

Project Build

1 – Project uses Gradle as build tool
2 – It is recommended to build and run the project using JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA IDE
3 – Project contains a default run configuration, called MACADAMIANUTCONFIGURATION. These are the settings:


4 – Project requires JVM version 16

Running the server

1 – Make sure you have a Postgres database running locally. make sure that the port, user and password matches with the configuration file of the server.

2 – Once the database is running, execute the server by using the MACADAMIANUTCONFIGURATION.


Server configuration properties are all set within the config/application.yml file.


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