Room Database Queries with Flow

This app displays a list of bus stops and arrival times. Tapping a bus stop on the first screen will display a list of all arrival times for that particular stop.

The bus stops are stored in a Room database. Schedule items are represented by the Schedule class and queries on the data table are made by the ScheduleDao class. The app includes a view model to access the ScheduleDao and format data to be display in a list, using Flow to send data to a recycler view adapter.

What you’ll learn

  1. Migrate to Kotlin Gradle DSL.
  2. Represent database tables as Kotlin objects (entities).
  3. Define the database class to use Room in the app, and pre-populate a database from a file.
  4. Define the DAO class and use SQL queries to access the database from Kotlin code.
  5. Define a view model to allow the UI to interact with the DAO.
  6. How to use ListAdapter with a recycler view.
  7. The basics of Kotlin flow and how to use it to make the UI respond to changes in the underlying data.



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