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Problem Statement:

Note-taking is one of the most overlooked virtual activities in today’s digital age. Various companies are constantly adding new features to note-taking. Have you ever considered building your own note-taking application? So, we are developing a app which can perform note-taking activity.

Proposed Solution :

Notezz app is used for making short text notes, update when you need them, and trash when you are done.It can be used for various functions as you can add images, links in this app, some important notes for future reference, etc. The app is very useful in some cases like when you want quick access to the notes.

Proudly ? made in Kotlin


  • Add Note
  • Delete Note
  • Edit Note
  • Search Note
  • Change colour of the Note
  • image

    Functionality & Concepts used :

    Application Link & Future Scope :

    Application link :
    You can access the app []

    Notezz allows us :

    i. Store all notes and important information digitally.
    ii. Type notes on the device of choice just as one would using pen and paper.
    iii. Add images, links to the notes to enrich the meaning and context.
    iv. Delete note when not in use.


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