MusicX is a music player app made using Jetpack Compose and follows Material 3 guidelines.

Application Install

You can Install and test latest MusicX app from below ?



  • Clone the repository on your machine.
  • Create project in Firebase, enable firestore, set rules to public and download google-services.json and paste in the app folder.
  • Add all your songs in Firestore.
  • Add your AudD api key and base url in Secrets.kt

      const val API_KEY = ""  //add your AudD api key here
      const val BASE_URL = "" //add your AudD base url here
  • I have create a sample music list which i uploaded on Firebase, you can use it , all you need to do is to download the mp3 and upload it on any cloud storage and add the url in the objects in MusicList.kt

            id = UUID.randomUUID().toString(),
            title = "Rap God",
            artists = listOf("Eminem"),
            imageUrl = "",
            musicUrl = "", // add the url here
            duration = 363000L


It uses Firebase as its backend and also used AudD api to get lyrics of songs.

  • Fully functional.
  • Clean and Simple Material 3 UI built using Jetpack Compose.
  • It supports dark theme too ?.

App Features

  • Home Screen – Shows a list of all songs available.
  • Music Player Screen – Music Player screen with music controls.
  • Playlist Screen – Screen showing the current playlist/play queue.

Insights into the app ?

? Screenshots

Technical details

  • MusicX uses Firebase to fetch all songs.
  • MusicX uses AudD api to get lyrics of songs.
  • MusicX is built fllowing Material 3 Guidelines.
  • MusicX is built using Jetpack Compose.
  • MusicX is made using Kotlin and following Modern Android Development practices.
  • MusicX uses all Jetpack libraries and follows MVVM architecture. It also has a G.O.A.T rating in Android’s M.A.D scorecard.
  • MusicX’s code follows all the best practices and software development principles which make it a very good learning resource for beginners.


Built With ?

  • Kotlin – First class and official programming language for Android development.
  • Jetpack Compose – Jetpack Compose is Android’s modern toolkit for building native UI.
  • Material 3 – Material Design 3, Google’s most expressive and adaptable design system
  • Coroutines – For asynchronous and more..
  • Flow – A cold asynchronous data stream that sequentially emits values and completes normally or with an exception.
  • StateFlow – StateFlow is a state-holder observable flow that emits the current and new state updates to its collectors.
  • SharedFlow – A SharedFlow is a highly-configurable generalization of StateFlow.
  • Android Architecture Components – Collection of libraries that help you design robust, testable, and maintainable apps.
    • ViewModel – Stores UI-related data that isn’t destroyed on UI changes.
    • Room – Room is an android library which is an ORM which wraps android’s native SQLite database
  • Exoplayer – Exoplayer library is used to play media in Android.
  • Dependency Injection
    • Hilt-Dagger – Standard library to incorporate Dagger dependency injection into an Android application.
    • Hilt-ViewModel – DI for injecting ViewModel.
  • Backend
    • Firebase
      • Firebase Firestore – A NoSQL database to store all data
      • Firebase Storage – A Cloud storage.
  • AudD Api – Api to fetch lyrics of songs
  • Retrofit – An Http Client for android.
  • Timber – A simple logging library for android.
  • GSON Converter – A Converter which uses Moshi for serialization to and from JSON.
  • Coil – An image loading library for Android backed by Kotlin Coroutines.
  • Material Components for Android – Modular and customizable Material Design UI components for Android.

Package Structure

dev.vaibhav.musicX    # Root Package
├── data                    # For data handling.
|   ├── local               # Room DB and its related classes
|   ├── remote              # Firebase, Auth0 and their relative classes
│   ├── model               # Model data classes and mapper classes, both remote and local entities
│   └── repo                # Single source of data.
├── di                      # Dependency Injection             
│   └── module              # DI Modules
├──exoplayer                # Exoplayer related files etc.
├── ui                      # UI/View layer
|   ├── components          # Common Composaled required.
|   ├── screens             # All Screens in app.    
│   ├── theme               # App theme related files.
│   ├── usecases            # Use-cases for features.
|   ├── utils               # Utility classes for UI.
└── utils                   # Utility Classes / Kotlin extensions


This app uses MVVM (Model View View-Model) architecture.

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