Welcome to Karbo tip bot. You can tell me to tip users with KRB previously deposited with me.

First you need to deposit some KRB to the address I’ll give you in a transaction with your personal Payment ID assigned to you. Make sure you send KRB with this Payment ID otherwise they won’t be credited

Here’s the list of available commands:

/address - show deposit address and your personal Payment ID.
/balance - show your balance.
/info - show the information about the bot and commands
/tip - (or tipkrb for not karbo chats) send a tip to user, e.g. /tip <amount> @username as well as reply to users’ message with /tip  <amount>
/rain - (or rainrkb for not karbo chats) make a rain to most active users in the chat, e.g. /rain <amount> <number of users> <last hours> or without hours (24h by default) /rain <amount> <number of users>
/withdraw  - cash out your KRB. The total commission is 0.11 KRB

How to run

Start simplewallet

  1. Download the latest version for your platform:
  1. Extract files:
tar -xzf Karbo-cli-*
  1. Run simplewallet to generate a new wallet
simplewallet --generate-new-wallet test [email protected] --daemon-address=krb.rublin.org
  1. Run the wallet with rpc support
simplewallet --wallet-file=test [email protected] --rpc-bind-port=8888 --rpc-bind-ip= --daemon-address=krb.rublin.org
  1. Call get_address method to verify if everything works fine:

curl -X POST --location "http://localhost:8888/json_rpc" \
    -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
    -d "{
          \"jsonrpc\" : \"2.0\",
          \"id\" : \"test\",
          \"method\" :\"get_address\",
          \"params\" : {}


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