This was a university project @Ghent-University made by: Sheng Tao Tian Jahid Chetti Alexander Van Oyen Gilles Arnout Please note that the Insights tab is not accurate since most of us used the GitHub Enterprise accounts provided by our university to make this project.

What is Nexus?

Nexus is a platform where you can keep and manage an organised list of all your games. That way you can have all your gaming info in 1 app instead of it being spread across different platforms. Users can also look at each other’s lists to see what games their friends are playing.

Discover games


It’s easy to discover new games on the home screen using different subcategories consisting of Trending, Recommended, Upcoming, Top Rated and Most Popular. Users can also look for games themselves using the search function.

Game Data


Every game has it’s own dedicated page where you can find all sorts of information such a summary, screenshots and the platforms it’s available on. Users can also add these games to their own list using this page.

Your personal list


This tab contains detailed information of all of the games you’ve added. Every game on your list will have a status (Playing, Completed, Planned, Dropped) which is color coded to make it easier to recognize, as well as the score you’ve given to them. You can also sort the games by time played, status, release date, score or alphabetically to make it even easier to find a specific subset of your games.

User profile


The profile consists of a summary of different stats taken from your list. It also has all the games you’ve favorited, which are used to give you personalized recommendations on the Home screen.

Friends and notifications


Users can add friends to make it easier to share your profile stats and list. You’ll get a notification when you receive a new friend request or a game on your planned list is about to release.


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