Let’s look at all the UI in this application first

Start Page
using Google Create a new account Log-In
google_sign_in_AdobeExpress create_account_AdobeExpress 1b4619df-7a2e-4513-a133-83216ab00b0f_AdobeExpress
Add new location Find route to saved location Browse/Search saved locations
add_location_AdobeExpress find_route_AdobeExpress browse_AdobeExpress_AdobeExpress
Edit the saved location

What is this application about ?

  • This application is mainly used for storing the locations and finding the route to the location within a number of clicks.

What all does this application uses ?

  • This application is made using kotlin language with the help of jetpack compose .
  • This application uses Firebase Phone Authentication as well as Google sign-In method to create a new account or login into the application.
  • This application stores all data into google cloud firestore database, Thus we can get all the saved location from where ever you want just by logging into your account.
  • This application also used google maps SDK to bring up a maps page with a marker placed at their current location so that users can easily find location near them while they are trying to save a location.


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