Local Weather app using Compose

  • Allows user to get local weathercast from his current GPS location
  • Shows Hourly forecast for next 24 hours
  • Uses api

Tech used

  • Retrofit for API calls and GSON & Mooshi deserialization
  • Shows proper use of Dagger-Hilt & SOLID/CLEAN architecture
  • Uses compose for view layer, ViewModel and mutableState to send UI events
  • Uses Resource sealed class to handle errors, messaging, UI status
  • Accesses GPS location, converts callbacks to coroutines

To install the Apk:

  1. Open this link on your Android device:

  2. Tap the “skewer” menu and tap the “download”

  3. Allow the file to download (DO NOT click “show details”)

  4. After the file is downloaded, click “OK” to install

  5. Click “OK” to install

  6. Click “OK” to launch

If you have developer options turned on, you may need to turn off “USB Debugging” if the “Waiting for debugger” dialog is displayed.


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