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API Call is 5 Days/3 hours Forecast

  1. Search Weather By Current Location | FusedLocation
  2. Search Weather By City
  3. Get notification to bring umbrella if its raining
For today’s forecast I get the system’s current date and filter out the objects that contain the weather of today and store them in a today’s weather list
If the timestamp in today’s forecast list matches or is the nearest to curernt time then I display that weather object as current weather
For upcoming forecast I add all those objects to a new list whose timestamp does not match with today’s current date and also whose timestamp is 12:00 PM so I display the upcoming Mid-Day forecast of each day
Shared Preferences have played an important role where I store search query (city name) and when the app exits, shared preference gets cleared

Note: insert your api key before running the app
All the icons I have taken from @flaticon
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