GreenRobot EventBus Plugin

IntelliJ iDEA plugin to work with projects using greenrobot's EventBus library



You can install the plugin from Preferences -> Plugins and search for the plugin. You can also download the plugin from the intelliJ iDEA Marketplace.


  • Supports post, postSticky and @Subscribe
  • Jump from post to subscribe and vice versa
  • Shows marker only for @Subscribe methods that have correct signatures
  • Optionally show usages in 'Find' tool window
  • Add breakpoints to all usages in a single click
  • Fully supported for project using both Java and Kotlin


There are no unit tests yet (I am writing them, but hit a roadblock. We will soon find a way). Any changes made to the plugin should be tested against this project. This project contains all possible use cases of EventBus in both Java and Kotlin.