Instagram Clone

Instagram clone is an app build using new technologies/trends and other advanced Jetpack compose specific concepts.

This is just demo app for new developers who want to lear best practices for app design & development Also it should be enough to cover almost most of the concepts that you need to learn about Jetpack compose! ? .

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Following are the technologies used in app:

  1. MVVM architecture
  2. Jetpack Compose for UI
  3. CompositonLocalProvider
  4. State management
  5. Compose Navigation
  6. Compose animations
  7. Hilt for Dependency Injection
  8. Lottie animations
  9. Launched Effect
  10. Coroutines
  11. Timber for logging
  12. Accompanist PlaceHolder to show loading effect “Shimmer”
  13. Accompanist PagerView for post images

Happy coding !


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