It is an instagram clone using Jetpack compose. I have used Rest Api, Dependency Injection, MVVM Architecture, Animations etc.

You can contribute this project. Just Solve issue or update code and raise PR. I’ll do code review and merge your changes into main branch. See Commit message guidelines

Technologies Used:

  • Kotlin
  • MVVM architecture
  • Dagger-Hilt for Dependency Injection
  • Jetpack compose for UI development
  • Retrofit for API Consumption
  • Coil for dynamic Image loading
  • Animations
  • New Image and Video Picker
  • Material3 SearchBar
  • Navigation Graph, Bottom Navigation Bar
  • Single Activity design pattern
  • Flow, Generics
  • Error handling using proper state


Screenshot_2023-07-31-18-40-00-716_com lahsuak apps instagram Screenshot_2023-07-31-19-03-52-822_com lahsuak apps instagram Screenshot_2023-07-31-18-40-59-173_com lahsuak apps instagram Screenshot_2023-07-31-18-40-22-775_com lahsuak apps instagram Screenshot_2023-07-31-18-40-08-854_com lahsuak apps instagram Screenshot_2023-07-31-19-04-01-501_com lahsuak apps instagram c36219c9-eeea-4927-8324-2c71cfd0115f Screenshot_2023-07-31-18-40-34-453_com lahsuak apps instagram Screenshot_2023-07-31-19-04-09-408_com lahsuak apps instagram



Author: Kaushal Vasava


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