Custom circular SeekBar (Circle, Semi-circle, and Ellipse) for Android.

This library is based on CircularSeekBar of Matt Joseph (devadvance).

The reason for create a repositive instead of fork it from Matt's, is that the project structure is different.

I make this library run on Android Studio (Gradle), and fix & add more features to the library.


The features I add

  1. Support float progress, instead of integer only.
  2. Refactor the name of the attributes, to avoid conflicts.
  3. Disable the seek pointer, make it work like a circular progress bar.
  4. Some other bug fixes for Matt's CircularSeekBar.
  5. Customize the shape of progress end (butt, round, square)
  6. Use a arc to represent the pointer, you can custom the arc angle.
  7. Negative progress support.

How to use


dependencies {
    compile 'me.tankery.lib:circularSeekBar:1.1.5'


Copy sources and attrs.xml in module circularSeekBar to your project.

CircularSeekBar support following attributes:

app:cs_circle_style = "butt|round|square"
app:cs_progress = "integer"
app:cs_max = "integer"
app:cs_negative_enabled = "boolean"
app:cs_move_outside_circle = "boolean"
app:cs_maintain_equal_circle = "boolean"
app:cs_use_custom_radii = "boolean"
app:cs_lock_enabled = "boolean"
app:cs_circle_x_radius = "dimension"
app:cs_circle_y_radius = "dimension"
app:cs_circle_stroke_width = "dimension"
app:cs_disable_pointer = "boolean"
app:cs_pointer_stroke_width = "dimension"
app:cs_pointer_halo_width = "dimension"
app:cs_pointer_halo_border_width = "dimension"
app:cs_circle_fill = "color"
app:cs_circle_color = "color"
app:cs_circle_progress_color = "color"
app:cs_pointer_color = "color"
app:cs_pointer_halo_color = "color"
app:cs_pointer_halo_color_ontouch = "color"
app:cs_pointer_alpha_ontouch = "integer"
app:cs_pointer_angle = "float"
app:cs_start_angle = "float"
app:cs_end_angle = "float"