FlowNav is a mobile library for Android that helps and provider a better way to make multi-modules navigation.

The main purpose of this library is to help in cases where you have a project with multiple modules and need to navigate from one feature to another without adding dependency between them. For example, to navigate from module A to module B, you do not need to add module B as a dependency of module A.

There are other ways to solve the problem of module-to-module navigation such as using Intent-filter (which is error-prone and not support fragments). FlowNav solves these problems, either using Activities, native Fragments, or through the Navigation Component.

Current Stable Version

// latest stable
flownav_version = '0.5.1'


dependencies {

    kapt "com.flownav:processor:$flownav_version"


dependencies {

    implementation "com.flownav:annotation:$flownav_version"


dependencies {

    api "com.flownav:router:$flownav_version"

Router dependency is imported only on the navigation module.

All other modules will import the Processor and Annotation dependencies