Bookstore App by using Kotlin

This Project is made using Kotlin, and it uses main concepts of API, Databases, Fragments and many more. This Application is a project in Internshala Android Development Training. This can be an app that can showcase the working of API and many more Libraries

Concepts Used

Different Layouts and Views: Card Views, Coordinator layouts, Relative and Linear Layouts.

Fragments: Used for navigation through the app as a substitute for Activities which has more Advantage to it.

Databases: For Storing the Books fetched from the API

Libraries: Various Android Libraries. From font to connectivity Libraries

API: The book store API that the books are fetched from



  • Navigation Drawer
  • Books fetched from API
  • Connectivity
  • Add to Favourites
  • Data Settings when data isn’t available

? About Me

I’m an Android and Web developer. I have an Intermediate to Advanced skills in Developing Websites and Android Applications. I am currently getting started posting my Projects on github

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? Skills

Javascript, HTML, CSS, Kotlin, XML, MySQL, Python, C, Java, React, and others.


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