An Android app for Wear OS built using Jetpack compose.

🏁 The purpose of this app is to showcase:

  • Working with Jetpack Compose for Wear OS, to create beautiful UIs using the power of compose
  • working with separate modules for handheld and wear os device
  • working with Glance for Wear OS to create Tiles UI
  • working with Data layer APIs to connect phone apps and wear os apps so that data from these devices can be synced seamlessly

📸 Screenshots

Home Screen Calories Track Add Water
home_screen calories_track water_Add
Summary Add Calories Meals
summary calories_add meals
Nutrients Success Dialog Tile UI
nutrients dialog_confirmation Screenshot 2022-10-24 at 5 06 06 PM

🛠 Tech Stack

Tools Link
🤖 Kotlin Kotlin
💚 Jetpack Compose Compose
🌊 Coroutines Kotlin Coroutines
💚 Compose for Wear OS Compose Wear OS
⌚️ Glance for Tiles Glance Tiles for Wear OS
📟 Data Layer API Data Layer


  • use colors from theme
  • Sync data with tiles
  • create custom shapes and CircularProgressIndicator with Glance
  • refactor and clean up data layer functions in viewmodels
  • fix crashes on mobile app
  • show numbers only keyboard in wear os application
  • fix bugs in syncing data items (sometimes calories won’t sync)
  • Sync data when the devices are not connected!

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