An open-source reimplementation of the Discord Android app.

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Why does this exist?

Current Discord app sucks as it doesn’t support any type of customization (themes, plugins, layout etc…). The goal of this project is to reimagine the Discord experience on mobile devices.

Status of OpenCord

  • Full (or at least most essential) Discord feature implementation
  • Theme support
  • Plugin support
  • Multiplatform support (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android)


Build the project


.\gradlew.bat build


chmod +x ./gradlew && ./gradlew build

Build APKs

Discord Version


.\gradlew.bat assembleDiscordDebug


./gradlew assembleDiscordDebug

Fosscord Version


.\gradlew.bat assembleFosscordDebug


./gradlew assembleFosscordDebug


Will this client support themes/plugins?

Yes, but my first priority is to implement most of the stock client’s features

Is this against Discord TOS?

Unfortunately, it is. Although I’m pretty sure Discord won’t start banning anyone for using OpenCord, considering how many mods of the stock clients already exist. Even with that, use this client at your own risk.

Where download???!?!?!?!?

Head over to repository actions, click the latest run and download the app artifact. After downloading, unzip it. Inside you’ll find 2 files: app-discord-debug.apk and app-fosscord-debug.apk.

Differences between these versions

The discord version is considered as the standard version of the app, while the fosscord version is meant to be used by users familiar with Fosscord. Fosscord version of the app redirects to Fosscord API, CDN and Gateway instead of Discord’s URLs, allowing you to fully experience OpenCord without being scared of getting banned by Discord.

Stable version wen?



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