Bug Tablut

Bug Tablut is an artificial intelligence for the Tablut Game Competition organized by the Foundations of Artificial Intelligence M AA 2021-2022 course at the Unibo. The project is written in Kotlin. The project realizes a player for an ancient Nordic strategy board game named “Tablut”.

The competition required us to stick to Ashton rules (learn more here) and Andrea Galassi’s server for communication with players and maintaining the game state. The server is available in this repository.



Tablut is an ancient viking board game. The game board is grid of 9×9 squares where two players alternate in moving their pawns:

  • attackers (black soldiers);
  • defenders (white soldiers and one king).

The rules of the game follows the work of Ashton.


Download the zip file from github or clone it from the command line:

git clone https://github.com/DaniDF/TablutChallenge.git


To run one player from the VM, in /tablut run:

./runmyplayer.sh <role> <time> <ip>
<role> "white" or "black" 
<time> time in seconds (60 recommended, timer <59 recommended)
<ip> ip of the server

Let’s do the same for the other player, but in a different shell.

./runmyplayer.sh white 60 localhost
./runmyplayer.sh black 60 localhost



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