An elegant and friendly chart library for Android developer who use Kotlin. Powerful,support the column chart、bar chart、area chart、area spline chart、line chart、spline chart、radar chart、polar chart、pie chart、bubble chart、pyramid chart、funnel chart、column range chart and other graphics.


AAInfographics is the Kotlin language version of AAChartKit which is object-oriented, a set of easy-to-use, extremely elegant graphics drawing controls,based on the popular open source front-end chart library Highcharts. It makes it very fast to add interactive charts to your mobile projects. It supports single touch-drag for data inspection, multi-touch for zooming, and advanced responsiveness for your apps .


  1. Support AndroidKotlin & Java.
  2. Powerful,support the column chartbar chartarea chartareaspline chartline chartspline chartradar chartpolar chartpie chartbubble chartpyramid chartfunnel chartcolumnrange chartand other graphics.
  3. Interactive、animated, the animation effect is exquisite 、delicate、 smooth and beautiful.
  4. Support chain programming syntax like system framework.
  5. AAChartView + AAChartModel = Chart In the AAInfographics,it follows a minimalist formula: Chart view + Chart model = The chart you want. Just like the other powerful charts framework AAChartKitAAChartKit-SwiftAAChartCore.



Manually (old school way)

  1. Download whole project demo of AAInfographicsDemo
  2. Drag the folder AAInfographics into your project.


  1. Creat the instance object of chart view:AAChartView
       aaChartView = findViewById(R.id.AAChartView)
  1. Configure the properties of chart model:AAChartModel
     val aaChartModel = AAChartModel()
            .data(arrayOf(7.0, 6.9, 9.5, 14.5, 18.2, 21.5, 25.2, 26.5, 23.3, 18.3, 13.9, 9.6)),
            .data(arrayOf(0.2, 0.8, 5.7, 11.3, 17.0, 22.0, 24.8, 24.1, 20.1, 14.1, 8.6, 2.5)),
            .data(arrayOf(0.9, 0.6, 3.5, 8.4, 13.5, 17.0, 18.6, 17.9, 14.3, 9.0, 3.9, 1.0)),
            .data(arrayOf(3.9, 4.2, 5.7, 8.5, 11.9, 15.2, 17.0, 16.6, 14.2, 10.3, 6.6, 4.8))
  1. Draw the chart(This method is called only for the first time after you create an AAChartView instance object)
        //The chart view object calls the instance object of AAChartModel and draws the final graphic

🌹🌹🌹Congratulations! Everything was done!!! You will get what you want!!!

Update chart content

if you want to refresh chart content,you should do something as follow.According to your actual needs, select the function that fits you.

  • Only refresh the chart data(This method is recommended to be called for updating the series data dynamically)
        //Only refresh the chart series data
  • Refresh the chart, minus the chart data (this method is recommended for subsequent refreshes after the first drawing of graphics has completed. If you want to update the chart data only, you should use the function aa_onlyRefreshTheChartDataWithChartModelSeries)
        //Refresh the chart after the AAChartModel whole content is updated

Infographics sample

  • line chart

line chart

  • column chart


  • bar chart

bar chart

  • special area chart one


  • special area chart two


  • special area chart three


  • polar chart

polar chart

  • radar chart

radar chart

  • pie chart

pie chart

  • bubble chart

bubble chart

  • scatter chart

scatter chart

  • arearange chart

arearange chart

  • step area chart

step area chart

  • mixed chart

mixed chart

More graphics

  • Note: The following DEMO picture is a GIF dynamic picture which has a size of around 6M. If you don't see any dynamic preview, then this is because the picture resources were not fully loaded. In such a case please be patient and wait for the contents to finish loading. Maybe you need to reload this page.


Special instructions

Support user click events and move over events

you can monitor the user touch events message through implementing delegate function for AAChartView instance object

   interface AAChartViewCallBack {
        fun chartViewMoveOverEventMessage(aaChartView: AAChartView, messageModel: AAMoveOverEventMessageModel)

The received touch events message contain following content

class AAMoveOverEventMessageModel {
    var name: String? = null
    var x: Double? = null
    var y: Double? = null
    var category: String? = null
    var offset: LinkedTreeMap<*, *>? = null
    var index: Double? = null

Support for custom the style of chart AATooltip through JavaScript function

As we all know, AAInfographics support using HTML String. Most of time, the headerFormatpointFormatfooterFormat HTML string is enough for customizing chart tooltip string content, However, sometimes the needs of APP is so weird to satified, in this time, you can even customize the chart tooltip style through JavaScript function.

For example, configuring AATooltip instance object properties as follow:

   val aaTooltip = AATooltip()
function () {
        return ' 🌕 🌖 🌗 🌘 🌑 🌒 🌓 🌔 <br/> '
        + ' Support JavaScript Function Just Right Now !!! <br/> '
        + ' The Gold Price For <b>2020 '
        +  this.x
        + ' </b> Is <b> '
        +  this.y
        + ' </b> Dollars ';
                    .fontSize("12 px")

you can get the customized tooltip style chart like this👇

Support value range segmentation

  • chart with value range segmentation bands 🎀

  • chart with value range segmentation lines 🧶

Supported chart type for now

enum class AAChartType(val value: String) {
    Column          ("column"),
    Bar             ("bar"),
    Area            ("area"),
    Areaspline      ("areaspline"),
    Line            ("line"),
    Spline          ("spline"),
    Scatter         ("scatter"),
    Pie             ("pie"),
    Bubble          ("bubble"),
    Pyramid         ("pyramid"),
    Funnel          ("funnel"),
    Columnrange     ("columnrange"),
    Arearange       ("arearange"),
    Areasplinerange ("areasplinerange"),
    Boxplot         ("boxplot"),
    Waterfall       ("waterfall"),
    Polygon         ("polygon")

Supported zoom guesture types for now

 enum class AAChartZoomType(val value: String) {
    X  ("x"),
    Y  ("y"),
    XY ("xy"),

Supported animation type for now

enum class AAChartAnimationType(val value :String){
    EaseInQuad     ("easeInQuad"),
    EaseOutQuad    ("easeOutQuad"),
    EaseInOutQuad  ("easeInOutQuad"),
    EaseInCubic    ("easeInCubic"),
    EaseOutCubic   ("easeOutCubic"),
    EaseInOutCubic ("easeInOutCubic"),
    EaseInQuart    ("easeInQuart"),
    EaseOutQuart   ("easeOutQuart"),
    EaseInOutQuart ("easeInOutQuart"),
    EaseInQuint    ("easeInQuint"),
    EaseOutQuint   ("easeOutQuint"),
    EaseInOutQuint ("easeInOutQuint"),
    EaseInSine     ("easeInSine"),
    EaseOutSine    ("easeOutSine"),
    EaseInOutSine  ("easeInOutSine"),
    EaseInExpo     ("easeInExpo"),
    EaseOutExpo    ("easeOutExpo"),
    EaseInOutExpo  ("easeInOutExpo"),
    EaseInCirc     ("easeInCirc"),
    EaseOutCirc    ("easeOutCirc"),
    EaseInOutCirc  ("easeInOutCirc"),
    EaseOutBounce  ("easeOutBounce"),
    EaseInBack     ("easeInBack"),
    EaseOutBack    ("easeOutBack"),
    EaseInOutBack  ("easeInOutBack"),
    Elastic        ("elastic"),
    SwingFromTo    ("swingFromTo"),
    SwingFrom      ("swingFrom"),
    SwingTo        ("swingTo"),
    Bounce         ("bounce"),
    BouncePast     ("bouncePast"),
    EaseFromTo     ("easeFromTo"),
    EaseFrom       ("easeFrom"),
    EaseTo         ("easeTo"),

Here are the ten concrete animation types of AAInfographics

Back Bounce Circ Cubic Elastic
![][1] ![][2] ![][3] ![][4] ![][5]
Expo Quad Quart Quint Sine
![][6] ![][7] ![][8] ![][9] ![][10]

About AAChartModel

  • AAChartModel:chart basic properties instruction

Property name Description Value Range
title The chart title Any valid string
subtitle The chart subtitle Any valid string
chartType The default series type for the chart. Can be any of the chart types listed under AAChartType. AAChartType.Column,
stacking Whether to stack the values of each series on top of each other. Possible values are null to disable, "normal" to stack by value or "percent". When stacking is enabled, data must be sorted in ascending X order AAChartStackingType.None,
symbol A predefined shape or symbol for the marker. When null, the symbol is pulled from options.symbols. Other possible values are "circle", "square", "diamond", "triangle" and "triangle-down" AAChartSymbolType.Circle,
colorsTheme the colors theme of chart style default value is arrayOf("#fe117c", "#ffc069", "#06caf4", "#7dffc0")
series the series data of chart a list made of AASeriesElement instance objects ,every AASeriesElement has its own type 、name、data、color、opacity value ect
  • AAChartModel:chart all properties list

  var animationType: String? = null          
    var animationDuration: Int? = null       
    var title: String? = null                 
    var subtitle: String? = null               
    var chartType: String? = null             
    var stacking: String? = null              
    var symbol: String? = null               
    var symbolStyle: String? = null
    var zoomType: String? = null              
    var pointHollow: Boolean? = null           
    var inverted: Boolean? = null              
    var xAxisReversed: Boolean? = null         
    var yAxisReversed: Boolean? = null         
    var tooltipEnabled: Boolean? = null        
    var tooltipValueSuffix: String? = null    
    var tooltipCrosshairs: Boolean? = null     
    var gradientColorEnable: Boolean? = null  
    var polar: Boolean? = null                
    var marginLeft: Float? = null            
    var marginRight: Float? = null           
    var dataLabelEnabled: Boolean? = null     
    var xAxisLabelsEnabled: Boolean? = null    
    var categories: Array<String>? = null      
    var xAxisGridLineWidth: Int? = null       
    var xAxisVisible: Boolean? = null          
    var yAxisVisible: Boolean? = null          
    var yAxisLabelsEnabled: Boolean? = null    
    var yAxisTitle: String? = null            
    var yAxisLineWidth: Float? = null          
    var yAxisGridLineWidth: Int? = null        
    var colorsTheme: Array<Any>? = null        
    var legendEnabled: Boolean? = null         
    var legendLayout: String? = null           
    var legendAlign: String? = null            
    var legendVerticalAlign: String? = null    
    var backgroundColor: String? = null        
    var borderRadius: Int? = null              
    var markerRadius: Int? = null             
    var series: Array<AASeriesElement>? = null
    var titleColor: String? = null            
    var subTitleColor: String? = null        
    var axisColor: String? = null             


If you want to shrink the size of the AAInfographics lib ,you should do something like this:

  1. Delete the .js file of AAJSFiles folder in AAInfographics,The names of multiple files that need to be deleted are as follows
  • AAHighchartsLib.js
  • AAHighchartsMore.js
  • AAFunnel.js

2.Change the content of AAChartView.html file

<script src="AAHighchartsLib.js">
<script src="AAHighchartsMore.js">
<script src="AAFunnel.js">

to be

<script src="https://img.hcharts.cn/highcharts/highcharts.js">
<script src="https://img.hcharts.cn/highcharts/highcharts-more.js">
<script src="https://img.hcharts.cn/highcharts/modules/funnel.js">