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An easy way to implement modern permission instructions popup

An easy way to implement modern permission instructions popup


An easy way to implement modern permission instructions popup.
Needs can be fully customized and showing with animations.




And add a dependency code to your module's build.gradle file.

dependencies {
    implementation "com.github.skydoves:needs:1.0.1"


Basic example

This is a basic example on a screenshot. Here is how to create Needs using Needs.Builder.

Needs needs = new Needs.Builder(context)
      .setTitle("Permission instructions for using this Android app.")
      .addNeedsItem(new NeedsItem(null, "· SD Card", "(Required)", "Access photos, media, and files on device."))
      .addNeedsItem(new NeedsItem(null, "· Location", "(Required)", "Access this device's location."))
      .addNeedsItem(new NeedsItem(null, "· Camera", "(Optional)", "Take pictures and record video."))
      .addNeedsItem(new NeedsItem(null, "· Contact", "(Optional)", "Access this device's contacts."))
      .addNeedsItem(new NeedsItem(null, "· SMS", "(Optional)", " end and view SMS messages."))
      .setDescription("The above accesses are used to better serve you.")

Create using kotlin dsl

This is how to create Needs's instance using kotlin dsl.

val needs = createNeeds(baseContext) {
      titleIcon = iconDrawable
      title = "Permission instructions \nfor using this Android app."
      titleTextForm = titleForm
      addNeedsItem(NeedsItem(drawable_sd, "SD Card", "(Required)", "Access photos, media, and files on device."))
      addNeedsItem(NeedsItem(drawable_location, "Location", "(Required)", "Access this device's location."))
      addNeedsItem(NeedsItem(drawable_camera, "Camera", "(Optional)", "Take pictures and record video."))
      addNeedsItem(NeedsItem(drawable_contact, "Contact", "(Optional)", "Access this device's contacts."))
      addNeedsItem(NeedsItem(drawable_sms, "SMS", "(Optional)", "Send and view SMS messages."))
      description = "The above accesses are used to better serve you."
      confirm = "Confirm"
      backgroundAlpha = 0.6f
      lifecycleOwner = lifecycle
      needsTheme = theme
      needsItemTheme = itemTheme
      needsAnimation = NeedsAnimation.CIRCULAR


We can listen to the confirm button is clicked using OnConfirmListener.

needs.setOnConfirmListener(new OnConfirmListener() {
      public void onConfirm() {
          // confirmed

Show and dismiss

Here is how to show needs popup and dismiss easily.

needs.show(layout); // shows the popup menu to the center. 
needs.dismiss(); // dismiss the popup menu.


TextFrom is an attribute class that has some attributes about TextView for customizing popup texts.

TextForm textForm = new TextForm.Builder(context)


Here is how to create TextForm using kotlin dsl.

val titleForm = textForm(baseContext) {
  textSize = 18
  textStyle = Typeface.BOLD
  textColor = ContextCompat.getColor(baseContext, R.color.black)


NeedsTheme is an attribute class for changing Needs popup theme easily.

NeedsTheme needsTheme = new NeedsTheme.Builder(context)
           .setBackgroundColor(ContextCompat.getColor(context, R.color.background))


Here is how to create NeedsTheme using kotlin dsl.

val theme = needsTheme(baseContext) {
      backgroundColor = ContextCompat.getColor(baseContext, R.color.background)
      titleTextForm = textForm(baseContext) {
        textSize = 18
        textColor = ContextCompat.getColor(baseContext, R.color.white)
      descriptionTextForm = textForm(baseContext) {
        textSize = 12
        textColor = ContextCompat.getColor(baseContext, R.color.description)


NeedsTheme is an attribute class for changing Needs popup RecyclerView's item theme easily.

NeedsItemTheme needsItemTheme = new NeedsItemTheme.Builder(context)
               .setBackgroundColor(ContextCompat.getColor(context, R.color.background))


Here is how to create NeedsItemTheme using kotlin dsl.

val itemTheme = needsItemTheme(baseContext) {
      backgroundColor = ContextCompat.getColor(baseContext, R.color.background)
      titleTextForm = textForm(baseContext) {
        textColor = ContextCompat.getColor(baseContext, R.color.colorPrimaryDark)
        textSize = 16
      descriptionTextForm = textForm(baseContext) {
        textColor = ContextCompat.getColor(baseContext, R.color.description)


NeedsAnimation implements showing and dismissing popup with animations.

elastic circluar
none fade


If you want to show-up the Popup only once or a specific number of times, here is how to implement it simply.

.setPreferenceName("MyNeeds") // sets preference name of the Needs.
.setShowTime(3) // show-up three of times the popup. the default value is 1 If the preference name is set.

Avoid Memory leak

Dialog, PopupWindow and etc.. have memory leak issue if not dismissed before activity or fragment are destroyed.

But Lifecycles are now integrated with the Support Library since Architecture Components 1.0 Stable released.

So we can solve the memory leak issue so easily.

Just use setLifecycleOwner method. Then dismiss method will be called automatically before activity or fragment would be destroyed.


Needs builder methods

.setTitleIcon(@DrawableRes drawable: Drawable)
.setTitle(value: String)
.setTitleTextForm(value: TextForm)
.setDescription(value: String)
.setDescriptionTextForm(value: TextForm)
.setConfirmBackgroundColor(@ColorInt value: Int)
.setConfirm(value: String)
.setConfirmTextForm(value: TextForm)
.setListAdapter(value: RecyclerView.Adapter<*>)
.setListHeight(value: Int)
.setPadding(value: Int)
.addNeedsItem(value: NeedsItem)
.addNeedsItemList(value: List<NeedsItem>)
.setBackground(@DrawableRes value: Drawable)
.setBackgroundColor(@ColorInt value: Int)
.setBackgroundAlpha(value: Float)
.setDividerColor(@ColorInt value: Int)
.setDividerVisible(value: Boolean)
.setDividerHeight(value: Float)
.setOnConfirmListener(value: OnConfirmListener)
.setLifecycleOwner(value: LifecycleOwner)
.setNeedsTheme(value: NeedsTheme)
.setNeedsItemTheme(value: NeedsItemTheme)
.setNeedsAnimation(value: NeedsAnimation)