Movieapp is an application to display various genres from MovieDB Api and show various kinds of films from the selected genre. This application has an application detail feature which contains movie summaries, audience reviews, and trailers from YouTube


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Tech Stack & Open Source Libraries

Single Activity Pattern: The Single Activity Pattern is an architectural approach used in Android app development where an application contains only one main activity responsible for managing multiple fragments or screens.

MVVM: MVVM is a design pattern separates an application into three components: the Model (data and business logic), the View (user interface elements), and the ViewModel (mediator between Model and View, handling data presentation and user interactions).

Lifecyle: Lifecycle in Android refers to the series of states and events that an app component, such as an Activity or Fragment, goes through during its existence. This includes creation, starting, stopping, and destruction.

ViewModel: In Android architecture components, a ViewModel is a class designed to store and manage UI-related data in a lifecycle-aware manner.

Paging: Paging is a library in Android that helps with efficiently loading and displaying large sets of data from a data source, such as a database or network.

Navigation: Navigation in the context of Android app development refers to the process of moving between different screens or destinations within an app.

Retrofit2: Retrofit2 is a popular networking library for Android that simplifies the process of making network requests and handling API responses.

Koin: Koin is a lightweight dependency injection framework for Kotlin-based Android applications.

Glide: Glide is an image loading and caching library for Android that helps with efficiently loading and displaying images from various sources.

YoutubeMediaPlayer: YoutubeMediaPlayer is a library for show video from youtube id.

Lottie: Lottie is a library that allows you to render animations and vector graphics in an Android app.


  • Genre Movies
  • Discover Movies by Genre
  • Discover Detail Movies
  • Reviews User About Movies
  • Trailer Movies from Youtube

How To Run App

Add your TMDB API key in the file:



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