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Card Notify is a mobile application developed for sending instant status cards to users, primarily designed for couples. Users can log in using their Gmail accounts and send real-time status cards to their partners using their email addresses.

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Card Notify is a unique application designed to enhance communication between couples by allowing them to send instant status cards to each other. The app leverages Firebase Firestore for real-time data storage, Firebase Auth for secure Gmail-based authentication, and Google Cloud Messaging for sending notifications to users.

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  • Gmail Authentication: Users can log in using their Gmail accounts, ensuring a secure and convenient authentication process.

  • Real-time Status Cards: Users can send and receive real-time status cards to share their feelings and activities with their partners.

  • Instant Notifications: The app utilizes Google Cloud Messaging to send instant notifications when a new status card is received.

Technologies Used

  • Firebase Firestore: Real-time cloud database for storing and synchronizing status card data.
  • Firebase Auth: Secure authentication system using Gmail accounts.
  • Google Cloud Messaging: Push notification service for sending instant notifications.
  • Android SDK: Development kit for building the Android application.


This project is licensed under the MIT License.

Thanks to my love G√ľnseli √únsal for her project idea ?


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