? Rive with Compose ??

Creating Stunning Visuals

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Demo Video

? Packages


Name Description
@compose Jetpack Compose
@materialUI Material 3
@rive Rive
@system-ui-controller System UI Controller

Steps To use Rive

  • Add following dependancies app.rive:rive-android:5.0.1" androidx.startup:startup-runtime:1.1.1
  • Add a provider in Manifest file as follows <provider android:name="androidx.startup.InitializationProvider" android:authorities="${applicationId}.androidx-startup" android:exported="false" tools:node="merge"> <meta-data android:name="app.rive.runtime.kotlin.RiveInitializer" android:value="androidx.startup" /> </provider>
  • Add a .riv animation in your raw folder.
  • Go to anim/rive/compose/RiveAnimationView.kt And use the same composable with whatever changes you need.




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