An android app that use food API to display different categories of food The food api is What I used in this project?

-Kotlin language.

-REST API (Retrofit).

-MVVM as architecture pattern.

-View binding.

-Hilt as dependency injection.

-Navigation component (one activity and four fragments).

-Shimmer layout from

-Snap helper and attach it to recycler view to snap to the center of items of recyler view.

-list adapter and DiffUtil to get the difference between two lists and outputs a list of update operations that converts the first list into the second one,and show some animations (in search activity).

-Extension functions.

-Koltin coroutines.

Most of UI designs from with some differences.

Coming Updates (Caching using Room database,favourits meals,etc…)

#UPDATE I heave just done Favorite feature: -Enable user to mark meal as favorite meal. -save favorite meals in local sorage using Room database. -Enable user to remark meal as un favorite.


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